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Definitions of tiers of entry qualifications

1. “A Season to Remember” Entry in to this tier are reserved for individual Hotshots teams that
have achieved the following accomplishments:
a. 3 Tournament Championships in 1 Spring/Summer season
b. 4 tournament championships in successive Fall and Spring/Summer seasons
c. Sanctioned Organization (USSSA/NSA) State Championship
d. Sanctioned Organization National Championship

2. “Sustained Excellence” Entry is reserved for those Hotshots teams that performed to the highest
of standards over an extended period of time, as opposed to one season. These teams will have
been comprised of a consistent group of players (at least 2 years), showing little amount of
turnover or change throughout the highlighted seasons. Success will be judged by the overall
number of league and tournament championships and similar accomplishments. These teams
will have grown together, progressed in competition levels and shown superior teamwork,
sportsmanship, determination and success on the softball field, while at the same time,
representing the organization with character and leadership throughout the highlighted

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