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Thunder/Lightning Policy


Coaches and Parents this is a reminder that the RECREATION AND PARKS POLICY is that when THUNDER OR LIGHTING happen that ALL ATHLETIC FIELDS must be cleared for 30 MINUTES PER OCCURRENCE. The Carroll County Recreation and Parks statement is below (see full policy below) THUNDER & LIGHTNING: Effectively immediately, once lightning is observed or thunder is heard during outdoor recreation council activities, all athletic fields  must be cleared for a period of 30 minutes.  If lightning is observed (or thunder heard) again, the 30 minute period of cleared fields starts over. Practice/Games/Scrimmages must be immediately stopped and field is cleared of all persons (Coaches/Parents/Participants). There are to be no children, parents, coaches or others on the field. Everyone is to seek shelter in their cars or inside the facility. Standing on the field or off to the side is prohibited. Lighting can still strike at anytime. This being said everyone must following these guidelines. This is not just for soccer this is for all NCRC sponsored outdoor activities.

updated: 1/11/2018

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Zero Tolerence Policy

Fall under NCRC (9/2016)


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Snow Policy

When schools are closed or close early due to inclement weather, all recreation and parks activities for that day are cancelled. For weekend activities, if the snow emergency plan is in effect after 6 pm Friday or anytime Saturday, all Saturday activities are cancelled. Ifthe snow emergency plan is in effect after 6 pm Saturday or anytime Sunday, all Sunday activities are cancelled. This includes activities that occur at school sites, nature centers, New Windsor Community Room, South Carroll Senior& Community Center and the Robert Moton Center. In cases ofextreme bad weather where additional time is necessary to provide safe access to schools or countyfacilities, it may become necessary to cancel activities until such time that safe access can be provided.



Fall under the NCRC bylaws


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